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Latest News

Release Date: 4/22/2017
Sport: Football

Wildcats Complete Quiet Spring In Football

POPLARVILLE – Pearl River Community College took a low-key approach to spring football this year, conducting 20 practice sessions without a lot of fanfare.

The Wildcats are looking to improve significantly in 2017 after consecutive 2-7 seasons. However, there is a quiet optimism in the PRCC camp as David Saunders prepares for his second season as head coach.

“We’ve got about 40 players, including some kids who redshirted for us last fall,” said Saunders. “We’re stressing our conditioning and making sure we’re ready for the summer.”

Although the Wildcats did not improve their overall record from the previous year, both wins were in the South Division, and PRCC was competitive in all of its defeats. A larger class of returning sophomores has also buoyed the team's confidence.

The top priority for the Wildcats in the spring was getting a good look at the prospective starter at quarterback, Kent State transfer Justin Agner, who will be a redshirt freshman this fall after appearing in just one game for the Flashes in 2016.

Agner is a 6-foot, 200-pounder from Woodstock, Ga. He sat out the 2015 season while attending Air Force Prep in Colorado, then transferred to Kent State and was the team’s starter for the 2016 opener against Penn State.

“We needed to see if Justin can run the offense, and we think he’s shown he can,” said Saunders.

“We lost our quarterback in the first game last year, and we had to retool with Timothy Arnold, and he did a fine job. But we’ve moved him back to the position he came here to play, at wide receiver.”

Arnold will bolster the depth of a receiving corps that returns talented sophomore Jay Banks Jr., but not much else. Banks is PRCC’s top returning wideout, with eight catches for 135 yards and two touchdowns last season.

The Wildcats also must replace the departed Darious Leggett, who rushed for 1,022 yard and eight touchdowns last season. At present, the leading candidate to replace Leggett is sophomore Dalton Bradfield, who played sparingly in 2016.

Pearl River will look to build on its strengths coming into the summer workout season, leading to the beginning of preseason practice.

The Wildcats return a strong nucleus of talent on the offensive line, led by redshirt sophomore center Tremaine Chatman.

They also have a large group of returnees in the defensive secondary, led by sophomore Zhaunte McElroy, who had 42 tackles and a pair of interceptions.

PRCC has a large class of signees scheduled to come in and compete for all positions once the summer session begins in June.

“There will be some young guys who will have a chance to come in and contribute,” Saunders said.

One big advantage the Wildcats have this year that they did not have a year ago is continuity in the coaching staff. All of the assistants from last season are currently in the fold for the 2017 season.

“That is very important for our program,” Saunders said. “They must believe in what we’re doing.”

Stan Caldwell
Pearl River Community College
Sports Information Director
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(Photo by PRCC Sports Information) Pearl River players and coaches watch redshirt sophomore quarterback Justin Agner deliver a pass during a practice session last month at Poplarville.





Coaching Staffs

BaseballMichael AvalonHead Baseball Coach
Basketball-MChris OneyHead Men's Basketball Coach
Basketball-MRyne ColvinAssistant Men's Basketball Coach
Basketball-MChris WoodallAssistant Men's Basketball Coach
Basketball-WScotty FletcherHead Women's Basketball Coach
FootballDavid SaundersHead Football Coach
FootballCleo LemonOffensive Coordinator
FootballKelvin BoldenWide Receivers
FootballTerrance MetcalfOffensive Line
FootballFrank WalkerTight Ends
FootballZach LochardDefensive Line
FootballNathan WigginsLinebackers
FootballMatt MonicelliRunning Backs
FootballTed EggerDefensive Coordinator
Soccer-MDrew GallantHead Men's Soccer Coach
Soccer-WTBAHead Women's Soccer Coach
SoftballLeigh WhiteHead Softball Coach
SoftballMaghan JamesAssistant Softball Coach
Tennis-MJessica OlsonHead Tennis Coach
Tennis-WJessica OlsonHead Tennis Coach
Team Schedules

  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball (M)
  • Basketball (W)
  • Soccer (M)
  • Soccer (W)
  • Softball
(For Regular Season starting in 2016)

09/01/20166:30PMNortheast Mississippi Community CollegeTBDAway
09/08/20166:30PMNorthwest Mississippi Community CollegeTBDAway
09/15/20166:00PMEast Central Community CollegePoplarville, MSHome
09/22/20167:00PMHinds Community CollegeTBDAway
09/29/20166:00PMItawamba Community CollegePoplarville, MSHome
10/06/20166:00PMSouthwest Mississippi Community CollegePoplarville, MSHome
10/15/20162:00PMJones County Junior CollegeTBDAway
10/22/20163:30PMMississippi Gulf Coast Community CollegeTBDAway
10/29/20162:00PMCopiah-Lincoln Community CollegePoplarville, MSHome

02/17/20171:00PMSoutheastern Community CollegeTBDHome
02/17/20174:00PMSoutheastern Community CollegeTBDHome
02/22/201712:00PMMarion Military InstituteTBDAway
02/22/20173:00PMMarion Military InstituteTBDAway
02/24/20173:00PMDyersburg State Community CollegeTBDHome
02/24/20176:00PMDyersburg State Community CollegeTBDHome
03/01/20173:00PMBossier Parish Community CollegeTBDAway
03/01/20176:00PMBossier Parish Community CollegeTBDAway
03/03/20171:00PMPensacola State CollegeTBDAway
03/03/20174:00PMPensacola State CollegeTBDAway
03/07/20171:00PMMarion Military InstituteTBDHome
03/07/20177:00PMDelgado Community CollegeTBDHome
03/11/20171:00PMDelgado Community CollegeTBDAway
03/11/20174:00PMDelgado Community CollegeTBDAway
03/14/20174:00PMSpoon River CollegeTBDHome
03/14/20177:00PMSpoon River CollegeTBDHome
03/18/20172:00PMNorthwest Mississippi Community CollegeTBDHome
03/18/20175:00PMNorthwest Mississippi Community CollegeTBDHome
03/22/20173:00PMBaton Rouge Community CollegeTBDAway
03/22/20176:00PMBaton Rouge Community CollegeTBDAway
03/24/20172:00PMNortheast Mississippi Community CollegeTBDHome
03/24/20175:00PMNortheast Mississippi Community CollegeTBDHome
03/28/20173:00PMMississippi Gulf Coast Community CollegeTBDHome
03/28/20173:00PMMississippi Gulf Coast Community CollegeTBDAway
03/28/20176:00PMMississippi Gulf Coast Community CollegeTBDHome
03/28/20176:00PMMississippi Gulf Coast Community CollegeTBDAway
04/01/20172:00PMItawamba Community CollegeTBDAway
04/01/20175:00PMItawamba Community CollegeTBDAway
04/04/20173:00PMEast Central Community CollegeTBDHome
04/04/20176:00PMEast Central Community CollegeTBDHome
04/08/20172:00PMMeridian Community CollegeTBDAway
04/08/20175:00PMMeridian Community CollegeTBDAway
04/11/20173:00PMSouthwest Mississippi Community CollegeTBDAway
04/11/20176:00PMSouthwest Mississippi Community CollegeTBDAway
04/14/20174:00PMMississippi Delta Community CollegeTBDAway
04/14/20174:00PMMississippi Delta Community CollegeTBDAway
04/19/20173:00PMHinds Community CollegeTBDHome
04/19/20176:00PMHinds Community CollegeTBDHome
04/23/20173:00PMEast Mississippi Community CollegeTBDAway
04/23/20176:00PMEast Mississippi Community CollegeTBDAway
04/25/20174:00PMJones County Junior CollegeTBDHome
04/25/20177:00PMJones County Junior CollegeTBDHome
04/29/20172:00PMHolmes Community CollegeTBDHome
04/29/20175:00PMHolmes Community CollegeTBDHome
05/03/20173:00PMCopiah-Lincoln Community CollegeTBDAway
05/03/20176:00PMCopiah-Lincoln Community CollegeTBDAway
05/06/20172:00PMCoahoma Community CollegeTBDHome
05/06/20175:00PMCoahoma Community CollegeTBDHome
(For Regular Season starting in 2016)

11/01/20167:30PMWilliam Carey UniversityTBDHome
11/03/20167:30PMDelgado Community CollegeTBDHome
11/10/20167:30PMMississippi Delta Community CollegeTBDHome
11/14/20166:00PMWilliam Carey UniversityTBDHome
11/29/20166:00PMLouisiana Christian PrepTBDHome
12/01/20166:30PMLouisiana Christian PrepTBDHome
12/05/20167:30PMMeridian Community CollegeTBDAway
12/10/20166:00PMMeridian Community CollegeTBDHome
01/05/20177:30PMMeridian Community CollegeTBDAway
01/09/20177:00PMDelgado Community CollegeTBDAway
01/12/20177:30PMSouthwest Mississippi Community CollegeTBDHome
01/17/20177:30PMJones County Junior CollegeTBDHome
01/19/20177:30PMHinds Community CollegeTBDAway
01/23/20177:30PMEast Central Community CollegeTBDHome
01/26/20177:30PMMississippi Gulf Coast Community CollegeTBDAway
01/30/20178:00PMCopiah-Lincoln Community CollegeTBDAway
02/02/20177:30PMMeridian Community CollegeTBDHome
02/06/20177:30PMSouthwest Mississippi Community CollegeTBDAway
02/09/20177:30PMJones County Junior CollegeTBDAway
02/13/20177:30PMHinds Community CollegeTBDHome
02/16/20177:30PMEast Central Community CollegeTBDAway
02/20/20177:30PMMississippi Gulf Coast Community CollegeTBDHome
02/23/20177:30PMCopiah-Lincoln Community CollegeTBDHome
(For Regular Season starting in 2016)

11/01/20165:30PMBishop State Community CollegeTBDHome
11/03/20165:30PMDelgado Community CollegeTBDHome
11/10/20165:30PMMississippi Delta Community CollegeTBDHome
11/12/20162:00PMSpring Hill CollegeTBDHome
11/14/20165:30PMEast Mississippi Community CollegeTBDAway
12/01/20165:30PMBishop State Community CollegeTBDAway
12/03/20162:00PMSpring Hill CollegeTBDHome
12/05/20165:30PMMeridian Community CollegeTBDAway
12/10/20164:00PMMeridian Community CollegeTBDHome
01/05/20175:30PMMeridian Community CollegeTBDAway
01/09/20175:00PMDelgado Community CollegeTBDAway
01/12/20175:30PMSouthwest Mississippi Community CollegeTBDHome
01/17/20175:30PMJones County Junior CollegeTBDHome
01/19/20175:30PMHinds Community CollegeTBDAway
01/23/20175:30PMEast Central Community CollegeTBDHome
01/26/20175:30PMMississippi Gulf Coast Community CollegeTBDAway
01/30/20176:00PMCopiah-Lincoln Community CollegeTBDAway
02/02/20175:30PMMeridian Community CollegeTBDHome
02/06/20175:30PMSouthwest Mississippi Community CollegeTBDAway
02/09/20175:30PMJones County Junior CollegeTBDAway
02/13/20175:30PMHinds Community CollegeTBDHome
02/16/20175:30PMEast Central Community CollegeTBDAway
02/20/20175:30PMMississippi Gulf Coast Community CollegeTBDHome
02/23/20175:30PMCopiah-Lincoln Community CollegeTBDHome

08/27/20161:00PMItawamba Community CollegeTBDHome
08/30/20167:00PMWilliam Carey UniversityTBDAway
09/02/20167:00PMMississippi Gulf Coast Community CollegeTBDHome
09/06/20167:00PMCopiah-Lincoln Community CollegeTBDAway
09/09/20167:00PMSouthwest Mississippi Community CollegeTBDHome
09/13/20167:00PMMeridian Community CollegeTBDAway
09/16/20167:00PMJones County Junior CollegeTBDHome
09/20/20167:00PMJones County Junior CollegeTBDHome
09/23/20167:00PMEast Central Community CollegeTBDAway
09/27/20167:00PMHinds Community CollegeTBDHome
09/30/20166:00PMJacksonville CollegeTBDHome
10/04/20167:00PMMississippi Gulf Coast Community CollegeTBDAway
10/07/20167:00PMCopiah-Lincoln Community CollegeTBDHome
10/12/20164:00PMSouthwest Mississippi Community CollegeTBDAway
10/14/20167:00PMMeridian Community CollegeTBDHome
10/18/20167:00PMJones County Junior CollegeTBDAway

08/27/201611:00AMItawamba Community CollegeTBDHome
09/02/20165:00PMMississippi Gulf Coast Community CollegeTBDHome
09/06/20165:00PMCopiah-Lincoln Community CollegeTBDAway
09/09/20165:00PMSouthwest Mississippi Community CollegeTBDHome
09/13/20165:00PMMeridian Community CollegeTBDAway
09/16/20165:00PMJones County Junior CollegeTBDHome
09/20/20165:00PMJones County Junior CollegeTBDHome
09/23/20165:00PMEast Central Community CollegeTBDAway
09/24/20165:00PMTyler Junior CollegeTBDHome
09/27/20165:00PMHinds Community CollegeTBDHome
10/04/20165:00PMMississippi Gulf Coast Community CollegeTBDAway
10/07/20165:00PMCopiah-Lincoln Community CollegeTBDHome
10/12/20162:00PMSouthwest Mississippi Community CollegeTBDAway
10/14/20165:00PMMeridian Community CollegeTBDHome
10/18/20165:00PMJones County Junior CollegeTBDAway

02/10/201712:00PMLouisiana State University EuniceTBDHome
02/10/20178:00PMEast Mississippi Community CollegeTBDHome
02/11/201710:00AMCalhoun Community College - Decatur CampusTBDHome
02/11/20176:00PMMarion Military InstituteTBDHome
02/14/20173:00PMBaton Rouge Community CollegeTBDAway
02/14/20175:00PMBaton Rouge Community CollegeTBDAway
02/17/20176:00PMBishop State Community CollegeTBDHome
02/17/20178:15PMSouthern Union State Community CollegeTBDHome
02/18/201711:15AMLamar State College-Port ArthurTBDHome
02/18/20173:45PMGeorge C Wallace State Community College-HancevilleTBDHome
02/18/20176:00PMFaulkner UniversityTBDHome
02/25/20171:00PMAlabama Southern Community CollegeTBDHome
02/25/20173:00PMAlabama Southern Community CollegeTBDHome
03/04/20171:00PMAlabama Southern Community CollegeTBDAway
03/04/20173:00PMAlabama Southern Community CollegeTBDAway
03/08/20174:00PMMississippi Gulf Coast Community CollegeTBDHome
03/08/20176:00PMMississippi Gulf Coast Community CollegeTBDHome
03/10/20171:00PMNorthwest Mississippi Community CollegeTBDAway
03/10/20173:00PMNorthwest Mississippi Community CollegeTBDAway
03/12/20172:00PMBaton Rouge Community CollegeTBDHome
03/12/20174:00PMBaton Rouge Community CollegeTBDHome
03/15/20172:00PMEast Central Community CollegeTBDAway
03/15/20174:00PMEast Central Community CollegeTBDAway
03/17/20174:00PMNortheast Mississippi Community CollegeTBDAway
03/17/20176:00PMNortheast Mississippi Community CollegeTBDAway
03/19/20172:00PMCoahoma Community CollegeTBDAway
03/19/20174:00PMCoahoma Community CollegeTBDAway
03/22/20173:00PMSouthwest Mississippi Community CollegeTBDHome
03/22/20175:00PMSouthwest Mississippi Community CollegeTBDHome
03/24/20171:00PMItawamba Community CollegeTBDHome
03/24/20173:00PMItawamba Community CollegeTBDHome
03/28/20172:00PMHinds Community CollegeTBDAway
03/28/20174:00PMHinds Community CollegeTBDAway
04/01/20172:00PMEast Mississippi Community CollegeTBDHome
04/01/20174:00PMEast Mississippi Community CollegeTBDHome
04/05/20174:00PMJones County Junior CollegeTBDAway
04/05/20176:00PMJones County Junior CollegeTBDAway
04/08/20172:00PMMississippi Delta Community CollegeTBDHome
04/08/20174:00PMMississippi Delta Community CollegeTBDHome
04/11/20173:00PMCopiah-Lincoln Community CollegeTBDHome
04/11/20175:00PMCopiah-Lincoln Community CollegeTBDHome
04/14/20171:00PMMeridian Community CollegeTBDHome
04/14/20173:00PMMeridian Community CollegeTBDHome
04/19/20172:00PMLouisiana State University EuniceTBDAway
04/19/20174:00PMLouisiana State University EuniceTBDAway
04/24/20173:00PMHolmes Community CollegeTBDAway
04/24/20175:00PMHolmes Community CollegeTBDAway
Team Rosters

  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball (M)
  • Basketball (W)
  • Soccer (M)
  • Soccer (W)
  • Softball
(For Regular Season starting in 2016)

Player NameNo.Pos.YearHeight
Matthew Eaton 1WRSO 
Joseph Williams 2DBFR 
D.J. Gillins 3QBSO 
Will Inlow 4TESO 
Joronnie Hinton 5WRSO 
Timothy Arnold 6WRFR 
Jakwaize Walker 7DBFR 
Randy Hogan Jr 8LBSO 
Malcolm Staten 9WRFR 
Cameron Bolton 10WRSO 
Javon Brown 11WRFR 
Cameron Shoemo 12DBFR 
Troy Cobb 13WRSO 
Darius Kennedy 14TESO 
Tyler Jack 15DBSO 
Cornelius Dorch 16DBSO 
Rod Moore 17DBFR 
Andrew Dunn 18QBSO 
Jeremiah Gamblin 19DBFR 
Darious Leggett 20RBSO 
Dalton Bradfield 21RBFR 
Caleb Kinlaw 22RBSO 
Anthony Martin 23DBSO 
Leonard LeBranch 24LBFR 
Jordan Mimms 25DBFR 
Keyshaun Simmons 26DLSO 
Gerrell Keaton 27DBFR 
David Salser 28LBFR 
Justin Hulett 29LSFR 
Daylon Burks 30DBFR 
Jacob Jones 31WRSO 
Heath Greenlee 32RBFR 
Devin Lang 33LBFR 
Marsa Hudnall 35DLSO 
Zhaunte McElroy 36DBFR 
Mark Johnson 37PK/PFR 
Vincent Lewis 38DLFR 
Chase Crosby 41LBFR 
Kelvin Lovett 44LBFR 
Juan Robinson 45DLFR 
Josh Neumann 51DLFR 
Tazadrick Meeks 57DLSO 
Sloan Spiller 82TESO 
Jay Banks Jr 88WRFR 
Devonta Brown 90DLFR 
Shelton Fortenberry 91DLFR 
Jaylen Logan 98DLSO 
Sigmund Lewis 99DLFR 

Player NameNo.Pos.YearHeight
(For Regular Season starting in )

Player NameNo.Pos.YearHeight
(For Regular Season starting in )

Player NameNo.Pos.YearHeight

Player NameNo.Pos.YearHeight

Player NameNo.Pos.YearHeight

Player NameNo.Pos.YearHeight

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BasketballM4/14/20172017 Basketball (M) - MACJC All-Star Game
BasketballW4/14/20172017 Basketball (W) - MACJC All-Star Game
Football10/29/20162016 Week 9 Football - Co-Lin vs. Pearl River
Football10/22/20162016 Week 8 Football - Pearl River vs. MS Gulf Coast
Football10/15/20162016 Week 7 Football - Pearl River vs. Jones County
Football10/6/20162016 Week 6 Football - Southwest MS vs. Pearl River
Football9/29/20162016 Week 5 Football - Itawamba vs. Pearl River
Football9/22/20162016 Week 4 Football - Pearl River vs. Hinds
Football9/15/20162016 Week 3 Football - East Central vs. Pearl River
Football9/8/20162016 Week 2 Football - Pearl River vs. Northwest
Football9/1/20162016 Week 1 Football - Pearl River vs. Northeast MS
BasketballM2/22/20162015 Week 17 BasketballM - Pearl River vs. East MS
SoccerM10/31/20152015 Soccer (M) State - Pearl River vs. Hinds
SoccerW10/31/20152015 Soccer (W) State - Pearl River vs. Jones
Football10/22/20152015 Week 9 Football - East Central vs. Pearl River
Football10/17/20152015 Week 8 Football - Northeast MS vs. Pearl River
Football10/8/20152015 Week 7 Football - Pearl River vs. MS Gulf Coast
Football10/3/20152015 Week 6 Football - Pearl River vs. Co-Lin
Football9/24/20152015 Week 5 Football - Southwest MS vs. Pearl River
Football9/17/20152015 Week 4 Football - Pearl River vs. Jones
Football9/10/20152015 Week 3 Football - Hinds vs. Pearl River
Football9/03/20152015 Week 2 Football - Pearl River vs. Holmes
Football8/27/20152015 Week 1 Football - Pearl River vs. Coahoma
BasketballM2/26/20152015 MACJC Basketball Championship - Holmes vs. Pearl River
BasketballM2/25/20152015 MACJC Basketball Championship - MS Gulf Coast vs. Pear River
SoccerM11/02/20142014 Soccer Championship - Pearl River vs. MS Gulf Coast
SoccerW11/02/20142014 Soccer Championship - Pearl River vs. Hinds
Football10/23/20142014 Week 9 Football - Pearl River vs. East Central
Football10/16/20142014 Week 8 Football - Pearl River vs. Northeast
Football10/11/20142014 Week 7 Football - MS Gulf Coast vs. Pearl River
Football10/02/20142014 Week 6 Football - Co-Lin vs. Pearl River
Football09/25/20142014 Week 5 Football - Pearl River vs. Southwest MS
Football09/11/20142014 Week 3 Football - Pearl River vs. Hinds
Football09/4/20142014 Week 2 Football - Holmes vs. Pearl River
Football08/28/20142014 Week 1 Football - Coahoma vs. Pearl River
BasketballM3/8/20142014 Region 23 Men's Basketball Championship
Football10/24/20132013 Week 9 Football - Pearl River vs. Hinds
Football10/19/20132013 Week 8 Football - East Central vs. Pearl River
Football10/03/20132013 Week 6 Football - MS Gulf Coast vs. Pearl River
Football09/26/20132013 Week 5 Football - Southwest vs. Pearl River
Football09/19/20132013 Week 4 Football - Pearl River vs. Coahoma
Football09/14/20132013 Week 3 Football - Pearl River vs. Jones
Football09/05/20132013 Week 2 Football - MS Delta vs. Pearl River
Football08/29/20132013 Week 1 Football - East MS vs. Pearl River
Football10/25/2012Week 9 Football - Hinds vs. Pearl River
SoccerM10/20/20122012 Men's State Finals - Holmes vs. Pearl River
SoccerW10/20/20122012 Women's State Finals - Jones vs. Pearl River
Football10/18/2012Week 8 Football - Pearl River vs. East Central
Football10/13/2012Week 7 Football - Co-Lin vs. Pearl River
Football10/4/2012Week 6 Football - Pearl River vs. MS Gulf Coast
Football9/27/2012Week 5 Football - Pearl River vs. Southwest
Football9/20/2012Week 4 Football - Coahoma vs. Pearl River
Football9/13/2012Week 3 Football - Jones vs. Pearl River
Football9/6/2012Week 2 Football - Pearl River vs. MS Delta
Football9/1/20122012 Week 1 Football - Pearl River vs. East MS
Football9/1/2011Week 1 Football - Pearl River vs. Northwest

Football09/14/2013MS Army National Guard Game of the Week
Week 3 - Pearl River vs. Jones
Football08/29/2013MS Army National Guard Game of the Week
Week 1 - East MS vs. Pearl River
Football10/4/2012JUCO Weekly Game of the Week - Pearl River vs. MS Gulf Coast
Football9/1/2012JUCO Weekly Game of the Week - Pearl River vs. East MS
BasketballJanuary 12, 2012JUCO Weekly Game of the Week
Women's & Men's Basketball
MS Delta vs. Pearl River
Football9/29/2011Week 5 Football - Pearl River vs. MS Gulf Coast
Football9/8/2011JUCO Weekly Game of the Week - Pearl River vs. Itawamba
Football10/9/2010JUCO Weekly Game of the Week - Pearl River vs. Copiah-Lincoln
School Media Sources

James JonesBiloxi Sun Heraldjkjones@sunherald.com
Lori WattsColumbian Progresslorwatts@columbianprogress.com
Stan CaldwellHattiesburg Americanscaldwell@hattiesb.gannett.com
Josh M LottLamar Timesjosh@pinebeltsports.com
Curtis RockwellPicayune Itemcrockwell@picayuneitem.com
Doug BarberThe Sun Heralddmbarber@sunherald.com

SportPlayer NameJunior/Community CollegePositionSenior School
FootballDylan FavrePearl RiverQB University Tennessee-Martin
FootballChris BermondPearl RiverLB Nicholls State (La)
FootballKetrick WolfePearl RiverDL Jacksonville St (Fla)
FootballQuan FletcherPearl RiverLB West Alabama
FootballChandlor MathewsPearl RiverOL University of South Florida
Pearl River Community College

101 U.S. 11
Poplarville, MS 39470
Phone: (601) 403-1000

Visit Their Website
Visit Their Athletics Website

Dr. William Lewis

Athletic Director
Jeff Long
Team Name: Wildcats
Association: NJCAA
Conference: MACJC

Active Sports Programs:
Men's & Womens Basketball
Men's & Womens Soccer

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