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Release Date: 9/2/2015
Sport: Women's Soccer

Lee’s Hat Trick Powers Lady Wildcats; Wildcats Blank Hinds 3-0

POPLARVILLE – Sophomore Lyndsey Lee recorded a hat trick, scoring three goals as Pearl River Community College rolled over Hinds 7-0 in women’s soccer action Tuesday night at Raymond.

PRCC completed the sweep with a 3-0 victory in the men’s game

The Lady Wildcats, now 2-0, dominated the Lady Eagles from start to finish, as Lee, a sophomore from Our Lady Academy, opened the scoring early in the game with a goal on an assist from sophomore Delaney Gustafson of Ocean Springs.

It was Gustafson who got the second score just a few minutes later, with the assist going to Sarah Daniels, a sophomore from Madison Central, the first of two assists on the night for Daniels.

Sophomore Hailey Furlan of Harrison Central added another goal, assisted by sophomore Sarah Fortenberry of Hattiesburg, and Kira Morrell, a freshman from Laurel, made it 4-0 late in the first half, with freshman Jordan Ahlgren of Long Beach getting the assist.

After a 30-minute rain delay during halftime, the Lady Wildcats had a tough time getting going again, but in the last 15 minutes of play, they broke the game open with three scores, two by Lee. Lauren Craig, a freshman from Wiggins, got the assist on Lee’s second goal of the game, and her third was unassisted.

Taylor Hunt closed out the scoring with an assist from Daniels. Hinds dropped to 1-3 for the season.

The Wildcats, also 2-0 overall, grabbed a 1-0 lead in the 28th minute on a goal by freshman Mack Ladner of Gulfport on an assist by sophomore Chance Bourdene of Northwest Rankin.

Romar Smith, a sophomore from Gulfport, gave PRCC a 2-0 cushion in the 54th minute, scoring on an assist by freshman Parker Rose of Bay High, and Bourdene added an insurance goal in the 72nd minute off a corner kick by sophomore Cole Wooten of George County.

Hinds dropped to1-3.

PRCC opens its home schedule – and its South Division slate – on Friday against Mississippi Gulf Coast. Kickoff at the Pearl River Soccer Field will be 5 p.m. for the women’s game, with the men scheduled for a 7 p.m. start. Both games can be seen live on prcc.tv, which can be accessed from prccmedia.com or prcc.edu.

Stan Caldwell
Pearl River Community College
PRCC Sports Information
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Sophomore Lyndsey Lee

Sophomore Chance Bourdene of Northwest Rankin




Coaching Staffs

FootballWilliam JonesHead Football Coach
FootballScott AndersonAssistant Coach
FootballJim JonesAssistant Coach
FootballWillie Mac GarzaAssistant Coach
Soccer-MJack ByrdHead Men's Soccer Coach
Soccer-WJack ByrdHead Women's Soccer Coach
SoftballLeigh WhiteHead Softball Coach
SoftballMaghan JamesAssistant Softball Coach
Tennis-MJessica OlsonHead Tennis Coach
Tennis-WJessica OlsonHead Tennis Coach
Team Schedules

  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball (M)
  • Basketball (W)
  • Soccer (M)
  • Soccer (W)
  • Softball
(For Regulart Season starting in 2015)

08/27/20157:00PMCoahoma Community CollegeClarksdale, MSAway
09/03/20157:00PMHolmes Community CollegeGoodman, MSAway
09/10/20157:00PMHinds Community CollegePoplarville, MSHome
09/17/20157:00PMJones County Junior CollegeEllisville, MSAway
09/24/20157:00PMSouthwest Mississippi Community CollegePoplarville, MSHome
10/01/20157:00PMCopiah-Lincoln Community CollegeWesson, MSAway
10/08/20157:00PMMississippi Gulf Coast Community CollegePerkinston, MSAway
10/17/20152:00PMNortheast Mississippi Community CollegePoplarville, MSHome
10/22/20157:00PMEast Central Community CollegePoplarville, MSHome

02/12/20154:00PMAlabama Southern Community CollegeTBDHome
02/12/20157:00PMAlabama Southern Community CollegeTBDHome
02/14/20153:00PMSaint Louis Community College-MeramecTBDAway
02/14/20156:00PMBaton Rouge Community CollegeTBDAway
02/18/201512:00PMBishop State Community CollegeTBDAway
02/18/20153:00PMBishop State Community CollegeTBDAway
02/20/20151:00PMSouthwest Tennessee Community CollegeTBDHome
02/20/20157:00PMMineral Area CollegeTBDHome
02/21/20151:00PMSouthwest Tennessee Community CollegeTBDHome
02/21/201512:00PMBishop State Community CollegeTBDAway
02/21/20154:00PMSouthwest Tennessee Community CollegeTBDHome
02/24/20154:00PMBaton Rouge Community CollegeTBDHome
02/24/20157:00PMBaton Rouge Community CollegeTBDHome
02/28/201512:00PMBishop State Community CollegeTBDHome
02/28/201512:30PMAbraham Baldwin Agricultural CollegeTBDAway
02/28/20153:00PMWabash Valley CollegeTBDAway
02/28/20153:00PMBishop State Community CollegeTBDHome
03/01/201510:00AMPensacola State CollegeTBDAway
03/01/201511:00AMWabash Valley CollegeTBDHome
03/01/201512:30PMWabash Valley CollegeTBDAway
03/01/20152:00PMPensacola State CollegeTBDHome
03/07/20152:00PMCoahoma Community CollegeTBDHome
03/07/20155:00PMCoahoma Community CollegeTBDHome
03/08/20152:00PMIllinois Central CollegeTBDHome
03/08/20155:00PMIllinois Central CollegeTBDHome
03/11/20153:00PMMississippi Gulf Coast Community CollegeTBDAway
03/11/20156:00PMMississippi Gulf Coast Community CollegeTBDAway
03/14/20152:00PMNorthwest Mississippi Community CollegeTBDHome
03/14/20155:00PMNorthwest Mississippi Community CollegeTBDHome
03/17/20154:00PMEast Central Community CollegeTBDHome
03/17/20157:00PMEast Central Community CollegeTBDHome
03/20/20152:00PMNortheast Mississippi Community CollegeTBDHome
03/20/20155:00PMNortheast Mississippi Community CollegeTBDHome
03/25/20153:00PMSouthwest Mississippi Community CollegeTBDAway
03/25/20156:00PMSouthwest Mississippi Community CollegeTBDAway
03/29/20151:00PMItawamba Community CollegeTBDAway
03/29/20154:00PMItawamba Community CollegeTBDAway
03/31/20154:00PMHinds Community CollegeTBDHome
03/31/20157:00PMHinds Community CollegeTBDHome
04/02/20154:00PMMeridian Community CollegeTBDAway
04/03/20155:00PMMeridian Community CollegeTBDAway
04/08/20154:00PMJones County Junior CollegeTBDHome
04/08/20157:00PMJones County Junior CollegeTBDHome
04/11/20151:00PMMississippi Delta Community CollegeTBDAway
04/11/20154:00PMMississippi Delta Community CollegeTBDAway
04/14/20157:00PMCopiah-Lincoln Community CollegeTBDAway
04/15/20152:00PMCopiah-Lincoln Community CollegeTBDAway
04/20/20154:00PMEast Mississippi Community CollegeTBDAway
04/20/20157:00PMEast Mississippi Community CollegeTBDAway
04/25/20152:00PMHolmes Community CollegeTBDHome
04/25/20155:00PMHolmes Community CollegeTBDHome
(For Regulart Season starting in 2014)

11/04/20147:00PMDelgado Community CollegeTBDHome
11/11/20145:30PMWilliam Carey UniversityTBDHome
11/13/20147:00PMMississippi Delta Community CollegeTBDHome
11/17/20147:00PMHolmes Community CollegeTBDHome
12/01/20146:30PMBaton Rouge Community CollegeTBDHome
12/01/20147:00PMSpring Hill CollegeTBDAway
12/04/20147:00PMSouthwest Mississippi Community CollegeTBDHome
12/08/20148:00PMCopiah-Lincoln Community CollegeTBDAway
01/05/20157:00PMDelgado Community CollegeTBDAway
01/08/20157:00PMMississippi Delta Community CollegeTBDAway
01/12/20157:00PMHinds Community CollegeTBDHome
01/15/20157:30PMJones County Junior CollegeTBDAway
01/20/20158:00PMMississippi Gulf Coast Community CollegeTBDAway
01/22/20157:00PMEast Central Community CollegeTBDHome
01/26/20157:00PMMeridian Community CollegeTBDHome
01/29/20157:00PMSouthwest Mississippi Community CollegeTBDAway
02/02/20157:00PMCopiah-Lincoln Community CollegeTBDHome
02/05/20158:00PMHinds Community CollegeTBDAway
02/09/20157:00PMJones County Junior CollegeTBDHome
02/12/20157:00PMMississippi Gulf Coast Community CollegeTBDHome
02/16/20158:00PMEast Central Community CollegeTBDAway
02/19/20157:00PMMeridian Community CollegeTBDAway
02/24/20156:00PMMississippi Delta Community CollegeTBDAway
02/26/20157:45PMHolmes Community CollegeTBDAway
03/04/20156:00PMBaton Rouge Community CollegeTBDAway
03/06/20152:00PMEast Mississippi Community CollegeTBDAway
03/07/20158:00PMHolmes Community CollegeTBDAway
(For Regulart Season starting in 2014)

11/04/20145:00PMDelgado Community CollegeTBDHome
11/13/20145:00PMMississippi Delta Community CollegeTBDHome
11/17/20145:00PMHolmes Community CollegeTBDHome
11/20/20146:00PMSpring Hill CollegeTBDHome
12/01/20145:00PMSpring Hill CollegeTBDAway
12/01/20145:30PMSpring Hill CollegeTBDHome
12/04/20145:00PMSouthwest Mississippi Community CollegeTBDHome
12/08/20146:00PMCopiah-Lincoln Community CollegeTBDAway
01/05/20155:00PMDelgado Community CollegeTBDAway
01/08/20155:00PMMississippi Delta Community CollegeTBDAway
01/12/20155:00PMHinds Community CollegeTBDHome
01/15/20155:30PMJones County Junior CollegeTBDAway
01/20/20156:00PMMississippi Gulf Coast Community CollegeTBDAway
01/22/20155:00PMEast Central Community CollegeTBDHome
01/26/20155:00PMMeridian Community CollegeTBDHome
01/29/20155:00PMSouthwest Mississippi Community CollegeTBDAway
02/02/20155:00PMCopiah-Lincoln Community CollegeTBDHome
02/05/20156:00PMHinds Community CollegeTBDAway
02/09/20155:00PMJones County Junior CollegeTBDHome
02/12/20155:00PMMississippi Gulf Coast Community CollegeTBDHome
02/16/20156:00PMEast Central Community CollegeTBDAway
02/19/20155:00PMMeridian Community CollegeTBDAway



02/02/20154:00PMAlabama Southern Community CollegeTBDHomeHome
02/10/20151:00PMAlabama Southern Community CollegeTBDAwayAway
02/10/20152:00PMAlabama Southern Community CollegeTBDHomeHome
02/10/20153:00PMAlabama Southern Community CollegeTBDAwayAway
02/13/20151:00PMEast Mississippi Community CollegeTBDHomeHome
02/13/20153:30PMLouisiana State University EuniceTBDHomeHome
02/14/20154:00PMItawamba Community CollegeTBDHomeHome
02/16/20152:00PMEast Mississippi Community CollegeTBDAwayAway
02/16/20154:00PMEast Mississippi Community CollegeTBDAwayAway
02/24/20153:00PMHolmes Community CollegeTBDHomeHome
02/24/20155:00PMHolmes Community CollegeTBDHomeHome
02/27/20153:00PMSouthwest Mississippi Community CollegeTBDHomeHome
02/27/20155:00PMSouthwest Mississippi Community CollegeTBDHomeHome
03/03/20151:00PMHinds Community CollegeTBDAwayAway
03/03/20153:00PMHinds Community CollegeTBDAwayAway
03/04/20151:00PMHinds Community CollegeTBDHomeHome
03/04/20153:00PMHinds Community CollegeTBDHomeHome
03/06/20152:00PMMeridian Community CollegeTBDAwayAway
03/06/20154:00PMMeridian Community CollegeTBDAwayAway
03/09/20154:00PMMississippi Gulf Coast Community CollegeTBDHomeHome
03/09/20156:00PMMississippi Gulf Coast Community CollegeTBDHomeHome
03/17/20154:00PMJones County Junior CollegeTBDAwayAway
03/17/20156:00PMJones County Junior CollegeTBDAwayAway
03/23/201512:00PMCopiah-Lincoln Community CollegeTBDAwayAway
03/23/20152:00PMCopiah-Lincoln Community CollegeTBDAwayAway
03/25/20153:00PMEast Central Community CollegeTBDHomeHome
03/25/20155:00PMEast Central Community CollegeTBDHomeHome
03/27/20151:00PMSouthwest Mississippi Community CollegeTBDAwayAway
03/27/20153:00PMSouthwest Mississippi Community CollegeTBDAwayAway
03/30/20153:00PMHinds Community CollegeTBDHomeHome
03/30/20155:00PMHinds Community CollegeTBDHomeHome
04/01/20153:00PMMeridian Community CollegeTBDHomeHome
04/01/20155:00PMMeridian Community CollegeTBDHomeHome
04/08/20153:00PMMississippi Gulf Coast Community CollegeTBDAwayAway
04/08/20155:00PMMississippi Gulf Coast Community CollegeTBDAwayAway
04/11/201512:00PMJones County Junior CollegeTBDHomeHome
04/11/20153:00PMJones County Junior CollegeTBDHomeHome
04/20/20153:00PMCopiah-Lincoln Community CollegeTBDHomeHome
04/20/20155:00PMCopiah-Lincoln Community CollegeTBDHomeHome
04/21/20151:00PMEast Central Community CollegeTBDAwayAway
04/21/20153:00PMEast Central Community CollegeTBDAwayAway
Team Rosters

  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball (M)
  • Basketball (W)
  • Soccer (M)
  • Soccer (W)
  • Softball
(For Regulart Season starting in 2015)

Player NameNo.Pos.YearHeight
Deandre Anderson 14DBSO 
Jamal Bailey 52OLFR 
Maquadius Bain 18DLSO 
Cameron Bolton 10WRFR 
Ja'Merez Bowmen 50OLFR 
Kelton Brown 71OLFR 
Latedric Carter 90DLFR 
Darreal Cook 17WRFR 
Keith Delaune 74OLFR 
Cornelius Dortch 22DBFR 
Kenneth Edwards 80DLSO 
A.J. Fairley 47DBFR 
Anthony Freeman 31LSFR 
Jason Funchess 21LBSO 
Keith Gaston 94DLFR 
Kendrick Hair 19DLSO 
Joronnie Hinton 6WRFR 
Randy Hogan Jr. 8LBFR 
Marsa Hudnall 36DLFR 
Corey Husband 7WRSO 
Will Inlow 4TEFR 
Tyler Jack 15DBFR 
Anthony Jones 11TEFR 
Noah Jones 13DLSO 
Corey Jones 44LBFR 
Marshall Kranz 16QBFR 
Darious Leggett 20RBFR 
Mac Lowrie 5QBSO 
K.C. Lucious 45DLFR 
Kevon Marsh 39RBFR 
Blake McClain 35DLFR 
Neicell McNair 85WRFR 
Tazadrick Meeks 57OLFR 
Cody Mikell 89PSO 
Tarvarious Moore 2DBSO 
Keefa Nelson 64OLSO 
Brennan O'Keefe 37PKSO 
Juan Parker 82TESO 
Tekodee Peters 32DBFR 
Ryan Rainey 51OLSO 
Marlon Richardson 30LBFR 
Jarkeith Ruffin 9LBSO 
Stevie Scott 3DBSO 
Keyshaun Simmons 26DLFR 
De'Quon Stanley 28RBFR 
Alex Taylor 56OLFR 
Willie Terrell 77OLFR 
Ty Thomas 75OLFR 
Alex Travis 24DBFR 
Michael Vessel 29DBFR 
Tae Warnsley 33DBFR 
Brandon Wells 1WRSO 
Michael White 25DBFR 
Terek Whitehead 23WRFR 
Matt Williams 12QBFR 

Player NameNo.Pos.YearHeight
(For Regulart Season starting in 2014)

Player NameNo.Pos.YearHeight
Kyarius Body 11GFR 
William Brown 1GFR 
Malik Clements 22G/FFR 
John Cornish 20GFR 
Jamond Franklin 12GFR 
Jordan Green 30GFR 
Leon Hampton 44CFR 
Cortez Mitchell 2GFR 
Dontellius Ross 25GFR 
Teddy Scott 5FFR 
Ladderick Scott 14C/FFR 
Timmy Shaw 10GFR 
Jeffrey Spence 32FFR 
Darral Willis 21C/FFR 
(For Regulart Season starting in 2014)

Player NameNo.Pos.YearHeight
Iesha Dixon 11GSO 
Ka'nosha Fairley 15FFR 
Markeysia Harness 44CFR 
An'Dreka Harper 22GSO 
Shaniqua Magee 25GFR 
Sykiesha Moss 21FSO 
Jasmine Nettles 10FFR 
Akayla Powell 20gFR 
Essence Pulliam 30GSO 
Shaniqua Quinn 24GSO 
Kaci Sisson 14GSO 
Vamikka Smith 32FSO 
Danielle Street 34FFR 
Asia Thibodeaux 31GFR 
Tamera Williams 23GSO 

Player NameNo.Pos.YearHeight

Player NameNo.Pos.YearHeight

Player NameNo.Pos.YearHeight

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Photos & Videos

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Football8/27/20152015 Week 1 Football - Pearl River vs. Coahoma
BasketballM2/26/20152015 MACJC Basketball Championship - Holmes vs. Pearl River
BasketballM2/25/20152015 MACJC Basketball Championship - MS Gulf Coast vs. Pear River
SoccerM11/02/20142014 Soccer Championship - Pearl River vs. MS Gulf Coast
SoccerW11/02/20142014 Soccer Championship - Pearl River vs. Hinds
Football10/23/20142014 Week 9 Football - Pearl River vs. East Central
Football10/16/20142014 Week 8 Football - Pearl River vs. Northeast
Football10/11/20142014 Week 7 Football - MS Gulf Coast vs. Pearl River
Football10/02/20142014 Week 6 Football - Co-Lin vs. Pearl River
Football09/25/20142014 Week 5 Football - Pearl River vs. Southwest MS
Football09/11/20142014 Week 3 Football - Pearl River vs. Hinds
Football09/4/20142014 Week 2 Football - Holmes vs. Pearl River
Football08/28/20142014 Week 1 Football - Coahoma vs. Pearl River
BasketballM3/8/20142014 Region 23 Men's Basketball Championship
Football10/24/20132013 Week 9 Football - Pearl River vs. Hinds
Football10/19/20132013 Week 8 Football - East Central vs. Pearl River
Football10/03/20132013 Week 6 Football - MS Gulf Coast vs. Pearl River
Football09/26/20132013 Week 5 Football - Southwest vs. Pearl River
Football09/19/20132013 Week 4 Football - Pearl River vs. Coahoma
Football09/14/20132013 Week 3 Football - Pearl River vs. Jones
Football09/05/20132013 Week 2 Football - MS Delta vs. Pearl River
Football08/29/20132013 Week 1 Football - East MS vs. Pearl River
Football10/25/2012Week 9 Football - Hinds vs. Pearl River
SoccerM10/20/20122012 Men's State Finals - Holmes vs. Pearl River
SoccerW10/20/20122012 Women's State Finals - Jones vs. Pearl River
Football10/18/2012Week 8 Football - Pearl River vs. East Central
Football10/13/2012Week 7 Football - Co-Lin vs. Pearl River
Football10/4/2012Week 6 Football - Pearl River vs. MS Gulf Coast
Football9/27/2012Week 5 Football - Pearl River vs. Southwest
Football9/20/2012Week 4 Football - Coahoma vs. Pearl River
Football9/13/2012Week 3 Football - Jones vs. Pearl River
Football9/6/2012Week 2 Football - Pearl River vs. MS Delta
Football9/1/20122012 Week 1 Football - Pearl River vs. East MS
Football9/1/2011Week 1 Football - Pearl River vs. Northwest

Football09/14/2013MS Army National Guard Game of the Week
Week 3 - Pearl River vs. Jones
Football08/29/2013MS Army National Guard Game of the Week
Week 1 - East MS vs. Pearl River
Football10/4/2012JUCO Weekly Game of the Week - Pearl River vs. MS Gulf Coast
Football9/1/2012JUCO Weekly Game of the Week - Pearl River vs. East MS
BasketballJanuary 12, 2012JUCO Weekly Game of the Week
Women's & Men's Basketball
MS Delta vs. Pearl River
Football9/29/2011Week 5 Football - Pearl River vs. MS Gulf Coast
Football9/8/2011JUCO Weekly Game of the Week - Pearl River vs. Itawamba
Football10/9/2010JUCO Weekly Game of the Week - Pearl River vs. Copiah-Lincoln
School Media Sources

James JonesBiloxi Sun Heraldjkjones@sunherald.com
Lori WattsColumbian Progresslorwatts@columbianprogress.com
Stan CaldwellHattiesburg Americanscaldwell@hattiesb.gannett.com
Josh M LottLamar Timesjosh@pinebeltsports.com
Curtis RockwellPicayune Itemcrockwell@picayuneitem.com
Doug BarberThe Sun Heralddmbarber@sunherald.com

SportPlayer NameJunior/Community CollegePositionSenior School
FootballDylan FavrePearl RiverQB University Tennessee-Martin
FootballChris BermondPearl RiverLB Nicholls State (La)
FootballKetrick WolfePearl RiverDL Jacksonville St (Fla)
FootballQuan FletcherPearl RiverLB West Alabama
FootballChandlor MathewsPearl RiverOL University of South Florida
Pearl River Community College

101 U.S. 11
Poplarville, MS 39470
Phone: (601) 403-1000

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Team Name: Wildcats
Association: NJCAA
Conference: MACJC

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